12/17/19: PakLog Server V5.5.12.19 Update

Download PakLog V5.5.12.19 Server update. This update is only for V5 installs. Do not use this update for V4.0 to v4.5

We have released a new patch for PakLog web app (V5.5). Following are the list of features/fixes which included in the patch

All Fixes from V5.5.8.19 Plus

  • Twillio Support for SMS notification support fixed.
  • Email delay was not effected in reminder emails.
  • Updated the database Collation, make it Ascent Sensitive.
  • SQL query failing because of reserved word in Name field - Issue fixed.
  • In version V4.5.6.19, exception was thrown after adding package - Issue fixed.
  • Is Exact Match application setting is applied in Received, Delivered and Returned Package screen.
  • Changed font color and style.

8/8/19: PakLog iOS V5.5.8.19 Update

Download PakLog V5.5.8.19 iOS Server patch.

  • Updates required to make PakLog V5.5.8.19 work with iOS App.

2/13/18: PakLog Client Install V5

Download PakLog V5 Client Install.

This is only to be used if you are trying to install a Client PC to an existing PakLog Server system.

Requires PakLog Server V5 to be installed on local network PC.

SigLite Pad Drivers: 11/20/07 : For all Windows Operating systems

Download USB Topaz TL460-HSB SigLite 1×5 Pad Driver

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium Class or faster Processor2 GB RAM15 GB Hard DriveWindows XP Pro, Vista Business, 7 Home and Pro, Windows 10 proUSB 2.0Display 1024×768 or Higher resolution monitorIIS 6.0 or higher.Net 3.5 or higherBarcode Scanner (recommended)