Why do I need PakLog?

PakLog reduces errors and increase productivity for your mail room. Also, your customers see how professionally you handle their precious packages.

Does PakLog work with Mobile Devices?

Yes, PakLog is a progressive web application and can be used on a Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Does PakLog work on any Microsoft Windows OS?

Yes, PakLog is compatible to Windows 7 or higher version operating system. We recommend to use professional versions of the OS even though it will work on the Home editions.

Do I Need a Bar Code Scanner?

No, it just helps reduce errors during entry of tracking numbers and speeds up package entry.

What Windows version does this run on?

PakLog will work with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher version.

I have PakLog Standard how do I get the digital signature pad option added?

Purchase one of the offered digital signature pads from out site. PakLog already has the support for the Scirptel Scirpttouch and Topaz SigLite pads. This may require an uninstall of the old pad drivers and reinstall of the new. Back up your database before you perform any upgrades.

Do I need the Digital Signature Pad?

No, PakLog does not require a Digital Signature Pad. It allows you to digitally capture clients’ signature upon delivery of the package. This reduces liability issues if a delivery of package is in question.

What is Scriptel ScripTouch Desktop 1×5 LCD Signature Pad

This is a new high quality digital signature capture pad that is designed for easier use. Further, it has an LCD display to show the signer during signing their signature. Learn more about Scriptel here

What is Topaz TL460-HSB SigLite Pad?

This is a new signature capture Pad that is designed for easier use. Further it has an LCD display to show the signer during signing their signature.

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium Class or faster Processor2 GB RAM15 GB Hard DriveWindows XP Pro, Vista Business, 7 Home and Pro, Windows 10 proUSB 2.0Display 1024×768 or Higher resolution monitorIIS 6.0 or higher.Net 3.5 or higherBarcode Scanner (recommended)